EGPA 2020 Virtual

EGPA 2020 PhD Virtual Tutorial Seminar /1st September 2020

The postponement of the EGPA conference to 2021 implies losing opportunities to share research problems and results; exchanging on the evolution of our discipline; and sharing PA practices. To remedy this effect and in close cooperation with the EGPA Study Group co-chairs and conveners of special panels, we will be proposing a series of virtual events on IIAS new virtual platform, starting with our new EGPA PhD Virtual Seminar.

The EGPA/IIAS community wishes to reach out to the current cohort of doctoral students and junior researchers by offering an online format, which focuses on the core of the mission of EGPA’s PhD project: tutoring and mentoring PhD candidates through peer group learning and advice from more established colleagues.

The Virtual Seminar will be organized around the discussion of your papers in small groups through a Webinar format. The composition of the discussion groups will reflect the plurality of disciplinary and methodological approaches in the European public administration/management community. Each group will be convened by an established expert in the field.

We will dedicate ample time for an in-depth discussion of each contribution. Your presentations, however, are not as much meant to be “conventional” paper presentations as critical reflections on your own research. Based on individual contributions, we will engage in interactive sessions that will give specific feedback and address your questions.

Join us for this new experience and respond to this re-opened call-for-proposals!

The deadline for submission of your complete application package is June 5th, 2020. Submit your application package directly

Please do not hesitate to contact us at

EGPA 2020 PhD Virtual Tutorial (Call-for-Applications)